Linda and John Bishop

My wife, Linda, and I have purchased a few homes in our forty plus years of marriage and have seen the highs and the lows of real estate agents;   many of whom over promise and under deliver.

Recently we decided to sell our home in Carlsbad and move to the Temecula area to be closer to our family.  Our agent in Carlsbad recommended Monica Atherton, as she felt we needed an agent that was familiar to the area we would be looking in.

Before even meeting Monica my wife spoke to her on the phone a couple of times.  It was then that we realized Monica was going to be an agent like no other we had known.  During these phone conversations Monica got an idea for what we were looking for, why we were moving in the first place, asked for some pictures of our Carlsbad home so she could see what our taste was like, and realized we had to be out of our home in thirty days as it sold before it hit the market.   She then made appointments to show us homes in the area that could fit our needs.  We were immediately comfortable with Monica and felt that she actually listened to us within our first meeting.

There were only 8 homes in the area that could fit and she showed them all to us.  Unfortunately, we really didn’t see anything that seemed to work for us and started to feel that we might be in trouble.  Luckily, Monica stayed on top of the market and when a new listing entered the market, she had us in, seeing the house we eventually purchased, the first day that in became available.  She then made sure that everything that needed to be done in the purchase process was done professionally and in a timely manner.

Believe me you can depend on Monica to fully deliver on everything she promises.

Monica even helped us find a local mover and a local contractor to do the special work my wife and I wanted done.  She even hooked us up with her pool service, for which we can never thank her enough.

Over these past months, Monica has stayed in contact with us to be sure that the after sale attention to details was being done to our satisfaction.  She always keeps in touch in case we need some local information of where to go and who to see.

We highly recommend Monica and know that anyone who uses her services will receive the complete and professional attention they deserve.  Monica Atherton knows her job well and she will not disappoint.